How to Prepare for Your Maternity Session

Tips for Preparing for your Maternity Photo Session

Today I am going to share what I learned are important tips to consider before and during your Maternity Photoshoot. These tips will help prepare you for your session and allow you #momstobe, to have a wonderful and pleasant experience.


"What do I wear " is one of the most frequently asked questions by anyone participating in any type of photo session. Its somewhat harder to figure this out when your belly is big and you feel like nothing fits. I know ladies! I have been there and I think that's partly why I only had 1 Maternity Session out of my 3 children. Let me tell you, If I could do it again, I would do it for all of my kids. I think what prevented me from doing it was not feeling comfortable in my own skin. Since then, I have come to realize that Pregnancy is beautiful and it shouldn't matter how big you are or how big you feel, this is by far the most beautiful time in your life. So enjoy it! As part of my Maternity Photo session experience you have a selection of Maternity Gowns to choose from. I wanted to have a Client Closet for 2 reasons. First, let's be real, who wants to spend money on something they might only wear once or twice. Personally, I don't! So I decided that it made sense to have dresses available for my clients. Now I do realize that every pregnant woman is different and dresses fit everyone differently. With that in mind, I have about 10 dresses to choose from. Secondly, it makes it so much easier for the client. They are able to choose from a variety of colors and styles. You also want to consider your color palette and think about whether or not you want to hang these pictures and if so what colors fit best with your decor. I always suggest bringing at least 2-3 different outfits.

For those clients, not interested in wearing maternity gowns, I do have some suggestions;

1. wear solid colors because prints are too busy and it takes away from the Baby Bump. Whether it be a nice top or dress, solid colors are the way to go.

2. Make sure your clothing fits snug to The body because loose fitting attire will hide that beautiful baby bump that we are trying to photograph.

3. add accessories, like hats, scarfs, flower crowns, etc. Remember ladies, go all out.

4 Get your nails, hair and makeup done and just have a wonderful time.

For those of you wanting to shop for your own Maternity gowns, there are so many online boutiques/stores that sell gorgeous gowns. has some of the most beautiful #maternitygowns that I have seen. #Chicaboo clothing is another one of my favorites You can find them at You can also find a lot of dresses on Etsy and Recently I discovered, They have all sorts of dresses for rent. you place your order and it is delivered on the date you choose. this service is great and a very inexpensive option. their gowns are gorgeous and they have so many different choices.

DoraMarie Client Closet

Here are a few of the Maternity Gowns from our Client Closet


I live in Arizona and therefore; we have some amazing weather and locations. Our scenery varies from desert, water locations, mountain views and urban areas. If you drive 2 hours North of Phoenix, you will even find snow during the Winter Months and beautiful Pine and Aspen trees. We truly are lucky here in AZ. With that said, we also have to deal with the extreme heat so it would be best to avoid Sessions during June-August or if you can't avoid it, I would recommend start them at 7 am and bring lots of water. I had a few during these hot months and learned that I needed to have water and cooling towels for my clients to keep them cool, refreshed and comfortable. You should also discuss with your photographer the type of location you are having your session at because most parks don't have public restrooms or changing areas. I purchased a changing tent for my clients and they love it. I love the convenience of it and that it is easy to fold and transport. You can get these tents at and they are very reasonably priced. You may also want to do an in home #lifestylematernitysession or a #MilkBath Maternity session. These take place in the comfort of your own home.


These are the most important details of your session. What do you need to bring?

Props -Make sure you bring props such as: Ultrasound Pictures, shoes, and baby clothing.

Proper undergarments-For example strapless bra for off the shoulder dresses, smoothing spanx-like attire for snug fit maternity gowns, If you are wearing one of the sheer maternity gowns, neutral undergarments photograph best.

Comfortable Shoes- You may have to walk a bit during your session so make sure to wear comfortable shoes. Remember some of the maternity gowns are long enough that your shoes will not be photographed so do not worry about how they look, comfort is more important that looks.

Water and Snacks- Please make sure you bring Water. You want to stay hydrated!! Also snacks in case you get hungry. After all, you are eating for two!

Makeup- I always recommend to bring a variety of lipstick colors. You may want to change it up depending on the dresses or colors you wear.

Family-Bring a friend or family member to join you for your session. Its important to have someone who can help you get dressed but also someone who will cheer you on. I always encourage siblings to join in. I absolutely love #siblingmaternitysessions

I hope that these tips were helpful in preparing you for your upcoming #maternityphotosession . Please comment if you have any questions or if you want to add to our helpful tips.

Remember Pregnancy is "9 months preparing to fall in love for a lifetime"