Cake Smash Birthday Photos

Baby's First Birthday

Baby's grow up so fast. Everyone tells you it will happen in a blink of an eye and it's so true. One of the reasons I got into photography was to capture all of the small and big moments of my children's lives. This grew into a love of capturing the same for other people.

Today I share the Cake Smash birthday session of my dear friend's Grand daughter. I have been honored to have captured baby's Newborn Photos, Mother's Day Photos, and now her first Birthday photos. It has been so wonderful to watch her grown into the adorable little girl she is.

For this session we chose a studio setting with a backdrop from KateBackdrop. I believe the name of the Backdrop is the Spring Flowers Children Camping. You can find it on the website. It is a gorgeous backdrop. Easy to use and easy to remove the wrinkles. It features adorable flower rings and it allows you to stage it with greenery an additional roses to complete the look. The cake was the top layer of Mom's baby shower cake. Which I thought was such a sweet gesture. Below I will share Little Taytum's adorable Photos.

Parents wanted a mini Photo shoot with baby so we had a few outfit changes and a fun time capturing this sweet little one.

We also captured her beautiful Christening gown which was made from Grandma's Wedding dress.

Lastly, She had a few other outfits so we went for it. I mean a girl can never have too many outfits. Baby T was such a doll and cooperated so well. We were able to capture her personality and cuteness all at once.