Preparing for a 21st Birthday In home Session

I am mainly an outdoor natural light photographer but I had a young lady, who is turning 21 this month, request a fun fashion-like, Studio type of photo session for her 21st birthday. She wanted to incorporate her style with some fun party decor. We purchased most of our decor from Amazon and decided on a Pink/Rose gold theme for this session.

Decor/Supplies/Set up

When I envisioned her session a bright pink color background came to mind. I searched on Amazon for Seamless paper and after reading the reviews I decided on the #37 Tulip color Savage Seamless paper in the 107" x 36'. This young lady is pretty tall so I wanted to make sure that I had a high enough Background stand and enough background so I would not spend tons of time editing it in Post. We also purchased a set of rose gold balloons with a Happy Birthday Sign and confetti filled balloons. These decorations worked perfectly for our session. We also added light weight confetti that we were able to toss up in the air to add flare to our session. All of these items will be re-used for her birthday party. We also incorporated Champagne since its this is a 21st birthday session. It was super easy and fun to set up for this session. The balloons took a little longer because I purchased a hand pump to blow up the balloons that did not need helium. So my advice would be to start getting your set up ready a few days before.

What to Wear

Since this session is for a 21 year old, I wanted to have a variety of outfit options. We deciding on something, sexy, flirty, and cute. We had 3 outfits. The first a Black Body suit was super fun for the poses with the champagne and the #21 Balloons as well as tossing the confetti up in the air. She wore a sash around her waist that said "Finally 21" which was also purchased on Amazon.

This session was super fun and easy to do. The props will be reusable for her birthday. I really loved the hot pink in the background and feel it paired well with the outfits she chose.

Below you will find links to all of the products purchased from Amazon for this session.