When it comes to business, job searches or just overall appearance and branding, social media is usually the first place people will look to find out more about you, your business or your overall lifestyle. A great headshot helps to develop a professional image. How do you want clients to see you? How do you want that potential employer to see you when they search your social media profiles? Those we do business with normally make a judgement by what they see before they ever have a chance to meet you in person. 

Headshots are important for everyone; for executives, for entrepreneurs launching a new website or who need images of their team, for members of an established firm, for job seekers, bloggers, public speakers, LinkedIn Profiles, authors and online daters. No matter who you are you want to represent yourself and your business in the best way. Getting a Professional Headshot will do that for you. Your Headshot sends a message so make sure its the right one!!

In this article I will go over some important information regarding your Headshot photography session and how to best prepare for it.


Location is important because you want to decide whether you want a studio setting or an outdoor setting. The location you choose should match the general vibe you are wanting for your headshot and your brand. The most common headshots are indoor studio setting with a solid background. These are more versatile and preferred by most. If you are wanting more of an outdoor option that tells your story or is specific to your brand, we can do that as well. Outdoor headshots are quickly becoming more popular. They tell a story specific to you. For example if you are a Realtor, they can be done in front of a listing etc.

We can definitely accommodate your specific need. Or you can opt to have both indoor and outdoor and have more images to choose from.


If your headshot is for an existing corporate website, you will want to stay consistent with what your colleagues are wearing. Your Company may have specific instructions on what you need to wear. If you are getting a new photo for your LinkedIn Profile or your personal website, then you have a bit more flexibility on what to wear.

I always encourage my clients to bring a few options so that we can get a few different looks. A dark blazer/suit jacket with a white or blue shirt always looks nice. Jewel and Bold colors work well for women but make sure you avoid crazy patters and neon colors and neckties as they tend to cast colors on your face.


I would definitely recommend having your hair and makeup professionally done for any type of photo session. Makeup artist know how to best apply makeup for photography so you get a flawless look. We can help in post production by retouching any areas that you may want to retouch. We highly recommend that you make sure your skin is well hydrated and moisturized especially. for the Gentlemen. Since they don't wear makeup, they will need to make sure their skin Is not dried or lips too chapped.


Traditional headshots don't show the subject's hands, so in this case your nails actually don't matter. .Typically, I recommend my clients get a manicure if time permits. Make sure you do not arrive to your session with chipped nail polish. There are a variety of poses that are done such as 1/2 length or 3/4 length and your nails will definitely show for these poses.

Below are some examples of previous headshot sessions